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Advantages and precautions of laser cosmetic removal of birthmarks – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Advantages and precautions of laser cosmetic removal of birthmarks

Red birthmarks are common and have a great impact on everyone’s psychology and spirit. How to remove the red birthmark? Laser therapy is a popular method to treat red. It is a scientific and advanced treatment technology, and the effect is very remarkable.

1、 Advantages of laser red birthmark removal

  1. Painless: laser treatment with special cooling treatment, no pain.
  2. No scar: the laser is only absorbed by the diseased tissue and will not injure the normal tissue, so it will not leave scars, so as to ensure that the treatment is carried out under the absolutely safe condition.
  3. Thorough: the laser dose is adjusted by the doctor, with less complications and no recurrence after cure.
  4. While removing the red birthmark by laser, it can stimulate the collagen growth of the skin and dermis, increase the thickness and density of the epidermis, so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, and the elasticity and resistance of the skin are also significantly enhanced.

Although laser treatment of red birthmarks is a simple and effective method, it is also taboo for people. Therefore, before treating birthmarks, we need to know whether we are suitable for laser treatment to avoid greater damage to the skin.

2、 Contraindications of laser treatment of red birthmark

  1. Those who have recently received or are likely to receive sun exposure.
  2. Patients with scar constitution and skin infection at the site to be treated.
  3. Epilepsy patients, diabetes patients, patients with bleeding tendency.
  4. Photosensitive skin and recent use of photosensitive drugs.