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Does the side effect of laser depilate have? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Does the side effect of laser depilate have?

After laser hair removal, the hairy condition is fundamentally improved. After completing the treatment according to the requirements, the growth can be basically no longer, only a few hairs remain. Laser hair removal side effects are small, even in the exposed parts after hair removal, people can immediately go to work, swimming, bathing, sauna, etc., does not affect life, work, do not need to rest.

The advent of laser hair removal solves the problem of excess body hair plaguing tens of thousands of beauty conscious women, as well as some men who are embarrassed by excessive body hair. So some people have to ask, laser hair removal side effects have? This is also a lot of people who are going to do laser hair removal concerns, next experts will reveal the side effects of laser hair removal.

Side effects of laser hair removal:

1, pigmentation: there will be color changes after skin damage, scab is pink, gradually transition to dark brown, and finally fade to the surrounding skin.

  1. Sebaceous gland deficiency eczema: sebaceous glands are located near the hair shaft, and the catheter mouth is located below the pores. When depilation, it is easy to cause pore occlusion, and sebaceous gland damage and cause the disease.

Side effects of laser hair removal 3, skin heat damage: at the end of the hair removal needle inserted correctly so that the insulation part away from the skin or in the process of inserting the needle prematurely press the switch, and cause skin burns.

Side effects of laser hair removal 4, buried hair: the hair follicle is not completely destroyed, at the same time the pores are closed, so the regenerative mutant hair can not normally smoothly wear out the pores.

5, internal bleeding: laser hair removal preoperative examination is not fine, with some blood diseases, or the operation of rough tip bending, and violent activities after surgery can cause internal bleeding.

6, folliculitis: can be caused by preoperative depilation needle and improper skin disinfection, postoperative content retention and pore occlusion.

  1. Local redness and swelling: it is mainly a specific reaction caused by heat gasification of tissues, and it may also be the performance of infection.

8, pigment loss: laser hair removal after infection and scar softening, ultimately may cause decolorization phenomenon.

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