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Experts answer several questions about hair removal – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Experts answer several questions about hair removal

For several common questions related to hair removal, the expert answers are as follows:

  1. What is the best way to remove the hair on your fingers?

If it’s convenient, use a T-shaped razor. First apply skin care gel, and then remove the hair on your fingers from bottom to top with a razor. Remember to take protective care of the skin after removing the hair. Apply non-alcoholic make-up water on the part where the hair has just been removed for 5 minutes to alleviate the skin discomfort after removing the hair.

  1. When is the best time to go?

Generally speaking, it is better to remove hair before bathing or 30 minutes after getting up every day, especially for people who use razor to remove hair, it is best to remove hair before bathing. It is not suitable to remove the hair after soaking for a long time, because the skin will swell and the hair removal will stimulate the skin. Remove the hair after the skin returns to normal.

  1. Is it necessary to remove the hair in the groin? Will removing them do harm to the body?

Unless you have any special needs, such as “running” out when wearing swimsuits, which affects the beauty, there is no need to remove them. If you really want to remove it, it will not cause any great harm to the body. Groin hair can protect the vagina, urethra and other parts to prevent bacteria from entering, which is good for your safety. So, it’s not a special case. It’s best to keep them.

  1. Will permanent depilation leave scars? Will it hurt?

Intense pulsed light and laser hair removal, these two permanent hair removal methods will not leave scars. The feeling of intense pulsed light hitting the skin is like being bounced by a rubber band, while laser hair removal is relatively slightly painful. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, you can apply some anesthetic ointment before hair removal and cold compress after treatment.

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