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How long does HIFU treatment machine work? Will there be side effects? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers
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How long does HIFU treatment machine work? Will there be side effects?

Everyone is familiar with the ultrasonic knife, but now there is a HIFU treatment machine. What the hell is this HIFU ultrasonic knife? How long will it be effective? Because the loss of collagen in the body after the age of 25 leads to inelastic skin and wrinkles, which makes people look particularly old. The HIFU ultrasonic knife loved by the star is very magical. Let’s take a look at what is the HIFU ultrasonic knife first~

Three important stages in the cosmetic process of ultrasonic scalpel

“HIFU treatment machine” is an ultrasonic with good penetration ability, which is divided into medical equipment and beauty equipment. The ultrasonic knife for cosmetic use focuses on the skin 1.6-4.5mm (fascia layer) with high intensity. It generates high-frequency friction between each other during focusing by transmitting 600-1200 ultrasonic nanowaves at the same time, arousing thousands of thermal coagulation nodes, and instantly generating a high temperature of 60 ~ 75 degrees. The thermal stimulation produced by ultrasonic scalpel will lead to three stages of fascia cells: 1. Cell thermal injury; 2. Gather their own energy to repair; 3. Generate new cells.

After these three stages of cell repair, a large amount of acme-tea is generated in the body, so that the tightened skin is firmly repositioned on the fascia collagen scaffold, and the collagen is gradually combined into orderly arranged collagen, so as to really stimulate the regeneration of cells and the repair of fascia, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting, tightening and smooth skin.

The month before the HIFU treatment machine cosmetic surgery in Europe and America is the nutritional reserve period. In the early stage, a large amount of oral ultrasound knife supporting nutrition acme-tea is needed to make full preparations for the second stage after thermal injury of ultrasound knife: gathering its own energy for repair, and the third stage: generating new cells. As a necessary food for new cells, 21 generative factors are absorbed and stored in blood through digestive mucosa to reach subcutaneous cells and deep fascia, so as to prepare for the smooth generation of new cells. The combination of internal and external interaction is the key to double improve and prolong the beauty effect of ultrasonic scalpel.

After the age of 30, the human body’s repair ability decreases and new cells fail. 1. Elastin begins to disintegrate. 2. Collagen is rapidly lost. 3. The destruction of the subcutaneous insulation layer (hyaluronic acid) and the evaporation of rare water under the skin are inevitable after 60 minutes of 75 ° high temperature ultrasonic knife surgery. At this time, the three core components of the skin are disintegrated. If you do not take targeted nutrition, it is difficult for the damaged cells to regenerate. Only do a good job in cell basal nutrition reserve and strong cell regeneration ability is the beginning of beauty. Do not blindly seek beauty. It is very common for older women to fail to regenerate damaged cells after ultrasonic scalpel.

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