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How much do you know about the misunderstanding of laser hair removal? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

How much do you know about the misunderstanding of laser hair removal?

In this face watching world, no matter your skin color is black or white, as long as your body hair is luxuriant, it will affect your beauty. Therefore, many beauty lovers choose to depilate. What is the best way to depilate? It must be laser depilation, once and for all. But laser depilation is to destroy sweat glands to achieve the depilation effect. Is it crucial to the body? Is it dangerous?

Let’s talk about laser hair removal.

  1. Laser hair removal will not affect perspiration

The laser removed by laser only affects the melanin in the hair follicle, while there is no melanin in the sweat glands, so it will not absorb the laser and damage the sweat glands, and has no other adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, laser hair removal will not affect the perspiration.

  1. Is laser hair removal harmful to skin

The skin of the human body is a relatively transparent structure. Clinical experiments by plastic and cosmetic experts have found that the skin is simply a piece of transparent cellophane in front of a powerful laser, so the laser can pass through the skin very smoothly and reach the hair follicle. Because there is a lot of melanin in the hair follicle, it can preferentially absorb a large amount of laser energy and finally convert it into heat energy, so as to increase the temperature of the hair follicle and achieve the purpose of destroying the function of the hair follicle. In this process, because the skin does not absorb laser energy, or absorbs a small amount of laser energy, the skin itself will not be damaged.

  1. Whether the laser hair removal effect is permanent

For the effect of laser hair removal, it can permanently remove hair. Of course, the treatment effect is the best in the growth period of hair. The more melanin is secreted, the better the treatment effect. Laser depilation has little effect on the hair in the degenerative and resting stages.

  1. Is laser hair removal safe

Laser hair removal is a very safe hair removal method: highly targeted, no side effects on the human body, almost no impact on the skin.

  1. Precautions for laser hair removal

For laser hair removal, it should be noted that the hair removal part should be protected from sun one week before treatment and two weeks after treatment, and the hair removal part should not be removed two weeks before treatment, wax hair removal and electrolytic hair removal.

  1. Times required for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal generally takes three to six times, mainly due to two factors: first, most hair follicles are tied together in groups of three and open in the same pore. A hair in the pore is the hair growing from one of the three hair follicles in the group below it, so one treatment can only damage one hair follicle in a group; Second, hair growth should go through the growth period, regression period and rest period. 75% of hair in the growth period is effective for laser hair removal, and 25% in the regression period. The rest period is almost invali