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How to use depilatory cream to treat redness, swelling and stinging pain? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

How to use depilatory cream to treat redness, swelling and stinging pain?

Every girl wants to be beautiful. However, some women have strong hair because of congenital factors. It must not be suitable when the hair is strong. Compare those that affect the image. So many female friends will choose to use hair removal cream for hair removal. However, some people will become red, swollen and tingling after using depilatory cream. How to use depilatory cream to treat redness, swelling and stinging pain?

  1. If a person has redness, swelling and tingling after using the depilatory cream, he must wash the depilatory cream with warm water in time to avoid the depilatory cream staying on the patient’s skin and causing secondary injury. In addition, patients should pay attention not to use depilatory cream in the future to avoid allergies. Patients can reduce pain by soaking in cold water or applying ice. But be careful not to ice for too long, so as not to cause tissue necrosis.
  2. If the hair removal cream is used and there is redness, swelling and tingling, the patient can also use drugs to alleviate the redness, swelling and tingling in addition to simply treating the affected area. Patients should use some mild and non irritating drugs to avoid injury to the wound. If the redness, swelling and tingling are not relieved for a long time, the patient should seek medical help. Patients had better not use painkillers indiscriminately. After all, it is not a cure for the symptoms.
  3. For patients with redness, swelling and tingling caused by depilatory cream, in addition to active treatment, they should also pay attention to their diet. For example, they should eat more light food instead of greasy and spicy food, so as to avoid getting angry and aggravating tingling. Patients should pay attention to keep the affected area clean and dry. Do not scratch the affected area with your hands, so as not to cause damage and bleeding, and make the patient infected with bacteria.

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