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Is HIFU ultrasonic knife effective in comparing photos? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Is HIFU ultrasonic knife effective in comparing photos?

  1. In fact, the effect of HIFU ultrasonic knife mainly includes improving sagging tissue, smoothing wrinkles and tightening shaping.

Smooth wrinkles: eliminate forehead, eyes, laws and corners of mouth, and weaken neck lines.

Improve drooping tissue: tighten eye bags, double chins, relax cheeks, droop corners of eyes, and improve eyebrow lines.

Firming and shaping: lift the loose part, remove the excess fat on the face and soften the lines.

  1. In order to avoid the risk guarantee of HIFU ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery and promote the smooth generation of new skin tissue, experienced doctors have a one month nutrition reserve period before ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery in European countries. In the early stage, they need to supplement in vivo nutrition in combination with acme-te-a to provide necessary nutrition for new skin, and intelligently repair and prevent the generation of abnormal tissue.
  2. Clinical verification of HIFU ultrasonic scalpel cosmetology in European and American Medical Aesthetics History:

Through the skin stimulation with HIFU ultrasonic scalpel beauty instrument, combined with the two-way anti-aging physiotherapy process of oral acme-te-a, 1148 patients were clinically verified. After HIFU ultrasonic scalpel, the wrinkles, relaxation and sagging, coarse pores and skin luster of 1148 patients were improved to varying degrees compared with those before HIFU ultrasonic scalpel.

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