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Laser hair removal indication? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Laser hair removal indication?

Laser hair removal is based on selective solar-thermal dynamics, through the reasonable adjust the laser energy, pulse width, wavelength laser can through the skin to reach the root of the hair follicle hair, light energy is absorbed and translated into damaged hair follicle tissue of heat energy, and make hair loss of regeneration, slight pain without damage to the peripheral tissues. Laser hair removal is the most safe, fast and long hair removal technology. So, what are the indications for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal effectively deal with the above two kinds of hair disorders, how to remove lip hair, with laser hair removal without trouble.

Laser hair removal works on all areas of dark and light hair, but not on white hair. Laser hair removal is almost suitable for all people, the scope of application is also very wide, whether it is limb hair, hair line, eyebrows, lip hair, armpit hair, pubic hair, etc., can be used. As long as the person who can do photon hairdressing is basically the applicable population of laser hair removal.

Hair removal machine for female hair removal is a non-stripping, non-invasive photon beauty technology. The use of photothermal treatment technology to permanently reduce the body’s excess hair, its effect was relatively ideal at that time, but with the emergence of laser hair removal instrument, Yangzhou color hair removal effect gap began to appear.

Hair removal machine is multi-wavelength, which can be selectively removed for different parts and different depths of hair; Lasers often have only one medium wavelength, limited effective penetration, effective treatment for a certain type of skin. All hair removal lasers are class 4 and are very dangerous to the human eye and soft tissue. However, hair removal is rarely involved in the eyes and soft tissue, with the development of laser hair removal technology, laser hair removal to the human body with minimal harm.

Diode laser hair removal Indications are:

1, trichosis: endocrine disorders caused by the general female body with thick hair similar to male characteristics.

2, nature hirsutism: due to genetic, racial, or endocrine disorders caused by normal or abnormal parts of the body hairy phenomenon.

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