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Q-switch laser freckle removal and whitening is not a dream – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers
Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Q-switch laser freckle removal and whitening is not a dream

There are many kinds of freckle and various freckle removal methods. The recent progress of laser technology has brought the treatment of pigmented spots into a new period. Laser freckle removal also has the folk so-called “color light”, “red laser” and “green laser”, which often makes beauty seekers have no choice in the face of exciting light freckle removal. Let’s learn about the effect of Q-switch pigment laser freckle removal.

Action principle of Q-switched laser

Q-switch 1064, also known as ultra pulsed laser, is mainly used to treat pigmented lesions in dermis and epidermis. This method adopts the advanced electro-optic Q-switching Technology (photothermal separation) and the principle of instantaneous photoexplosion to release the laser in a very short time to form a giant pulse with high energy density and effectively penetrate the surface of the skin. The pigment tissue expands rapidly after being impacted and heated by the laser, and becomes small particles that can be taken away by macrophages in the body after being broken. The pigment gradually fades until it disappears, so as to achieve the effect of removing the pigment.

Four advantages of Q-switched laser freckle removal

  1. Compared with the traditional laser, the laser emitted by Q laser has a “recognition” system, which only destroys pigment particles such as freckles, and has no or very small damage to normal skin, so there is no scar after treatment;

2, 1064nm wavelength laser penetration ability, can achieve deep skin melanocytes or black and blue dye particles, mainly for treatment of dermentary lesions such as nevus of Ota, and remove dark tattoos, tattoos, lines and so on.

  1. 532nm laser can be more strongly absorbed by melanin, so the laser penetration of this wavelength is shallow. It is mainly used to treat birthmarks, coffee spots, freckles, age spots and various pigmentation;
  2. 532nm wavelength can be strongly absorbed by hemoglobin, so it can also be used to treat vascular diseases such as port wine stain and telangiectasia, and can effectively remove red tattoos or lips.