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Snow depilation makes “hairy girl” find feminine flavor – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Snow depilation makes “hairy girl” find feminine flavor

The age of 20 is a time when girls are like flowers. But Yuanyuan, who was troubled by her body hair since childhood, fell into deep pain. She had never made a boyfriend or dressed up. Her self-confidence disappeared day by day, and the pain increased day by day. Since Yuanyuan was born, long and black body hair has grown on her arms, legs and even her face. When she grows up, she is often cancelled as a “long beard” girl by her classmates, relatives and friends.

After work, she finally had her favorite boyfriend, but she was treated as a “buddy”. With the growth of age, her psychological pressure became greater and greater, resulting in her unwillingness to look up in front of people, dare not speak, drink and eat too much all day, and her figure became out of shape over time. In order to find their own happiness, find their lost courage and be a really beautiful girl, Yuanyuan decided to have hair removal surgery. But for all kinds of hair removal methods on the market, which can permanently eradicate body hair and which is more suitable for Yuanyuan?

According to the introduction of laser depilation experts, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the research of depilation technology continues to make breakthroughs, and the most representative is the snow permanent depilation technology, which uses the principle of selective photothermal action to depilate completely and once and for all; Convenient, fast, painless, does not affect normal life and work, has become the new favorite of beauty lovers.

Experts said that there is abundant melanin in the hair stem of human hair follicle, which is distributed between the cells of hair bulb matrix and can also transfer to the structure of hair stem. Laser can accurately and selectively depilate with melanin as the target. After absorbing the energy of laser, the temperature of melanin rises sharply, resulting in the destruction of surrounding hair follicle tissue and the removal of hair; And it can also have high energy, square and large light spot, with unique freezing protection function and no damage to normal skin.

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