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The four most concerned photon hair removal problems – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

The four most concerned photon hair removal problems

Expose the hot issues of photon hair removal most concerned by netizens:

Question 1. What is the therapeutic effect of photon hair removal?

At present, photothermal treatment technology has been certified to achieve permanent hair removal for growing hair. The specific number of treatments is related to many factors, such as the type of skin and hair. The doctor will provide you with the treatment plan suitable for you and the estimated number of times you need treatment. Clinical research results show that satisfactory hair removal effect can be achieved after multiple treatments.

Question 2. Is there any possibility of side effects in photon hair removal?

Because the energy used in photothermal therapy is small, the occurrence of side effects is very rare. Slight redness of the treatment site may occur, but such reactions usually disappear within a few hours. Minimizing sun exposure before and after each treatment will reduce the probability of side effects. After treatment, you can quickly resume your daily work and life. It is clinically proved that photon hair removal is the most safe and effective hair removal treatment at present.

Question 3. Why should multiple treatments be carried out?

Because the hair growth cycle has three stages – growth period, transition period and dormancy period. Only the growing hair can be effectively removed. Therefore, it needs many times of treatment to achieve satisfactory hair removal effect.

Question 4. Will photon hair removal affect sweat glands?

can’t. Because the hair follicle of hair contains a large amount of melanin, when photon unhairing, the specific strong pulsed light that is particularly sensitive to the melanin of hair follicle and does not damage the skin and sweat glands directly acts on the hair follicle. The heat energy can be transmitted from the hair stem to the deep part of the hair follicle ball to destroy the hair follicle to achieve the effect of permanent unhairing, does not damage the sweat gland tissue, and does not affect the normal perspiration.

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