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What are the five major effects of hair removal – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

What are the five major effects of hair removal

Core tip: in summer, people will choose depilation to make themselves have white and clean skin and realize their desire to become beautiful. However, depilation will have a great impact on the skin, making the hair thicker and “embedded” in the hair, resulting in skin damage, melanin precipitation, hair follicle inflammation and so on. If the depilatory cream is not used properly, there will be allergy, redness and swelling.

With the development of society, more and more girls love beauty, especially those with more body hair. In order to maintain a beautiful image, they will choose to use various methods to remove body hair. Depilation is true, but if it is not handled properly, it will have a great impact on the skin. The specific effects are as follows.

  1. Hair thickening: the principle of depilation is to cut off the hair on the surface of the skin. When the hair is cut off, the other section remains in the pores, resulting in its cross-section looking thicker. When the hair grows to a certain extent, its stout degree will be more obvious, which will not only affect the overall beauty, but also cause skin and hair to be damaged and unable to grow normally.
  2. Hair “inlay”: some people will find a dark mark on the relevant position after depilation, which is actually what we often call hair “inlay”. This is caused by long-term depilation, residual hair blocking pores and no longer growing. This dark mark will not only affect the appearance, but also cause inflammation, which will do great harm to the skin.
  3. Lead to skin damage and melanin precipitation: when chemical depilation is carried out for a long time, it will lead to skin damage. If skin care is not done well at this time, melanin precipitation will appear in the process of hair growth. This kind of black precipitation is extremely difficult to eliminate. Depilation should be reduced as much as possible in order to prevent the accumulation of melanin.
  4. Hair follicle inflammation: in the case of improper operation, it will cause folliculitis. Folliculitis can heal itself when the symptoms are mild, and it needs to be treated with drugs when the symptoms are serious.
  5. Allergic redness and swelling: the phenomenon of allergic redness and swelling is caused by the use of irritating depilatory cream. When allergic symptoms occur during use, it should be stopped to avoid other symptoms.

These are the five major effects that may occur during hair removal. If you operate improperly during hair removal, these problems may occur. When there are relevant problems, you must consult a professional doctor in the hospital. You can’t believe that folk prescriptions can be treated at will. If you really want to depilate, you can also use laser depilation. This method is more professional and can achieve certain results.