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What are the types of dot matrix laser instruments – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

What are the types of dot matrix laser instruments

Dot matrix laser can remove chloasma, freckles and acne marks. Dot matrix laser can stimulate cell activity, reorganize collagen and improve skin quality. The raw materials used in dot matrix laser are different. Let’s take a look at the types of dot matrix laser instruments!

What are the types of dot matrix laser instruments

The new ultra pulse CO2 dot matrix laser system is an exfoliative (i.e. gasification) dot matrix laser. Using the ablation effect of the laser on the tissue, the diameter of 120 ~ 1200 can be made on the skin μ M micropores with spacing of 500 μ m. These micropores can be closed within a whole day after treatment. The micropores can reach the deep layer of dermis with a depth of 1mm, damage some dermis tissue, stimulate the skin repair mechanism, make the dermis produce new and more collagen and rearrange, and play the effect of rejuvenation. Of course, the diameter of the micropore can be adjusted, and the depth can be changed by adjusting the laser energy. In addition, the micropore density and the shape of the laser spot can also be adjusted according to the requirements of treatment.

1550nm and / or 1535nm semiconductor laser system, which is generally considered as a non gasifying dot matrix laser. Different from the above CO2 dot matrix laser, it only produces a small thermal damage zone on the skin, which only makes the tissue thermally coagulate rather than gasifying and ablating. This further reduces the chance of postoperative infection. This laser system can produce micro thermal damage zone with adjustable density, diameter and depth. The laser pulse energy is ~ 40mj and the micropore diameter is 50 ~ 200 μ m. Up to 6400 micropores can be made in an area of 1cm2. Generally, micropores with a diameter of 50 ~ 70 are used μ m. The depth is 400 ~ 700 μ m. Hole spacing 200 ~ 300 μ M parameters for treatment. In addition, the laser of this wavelength can be conducted through the optical fiber, so the activity of the therapeutic head is flexible and the operation is more convenient in clinical application.


  1. Erbium laser >

The wavelength is 2940nm, and the micropore diameter is generally 70 ~ 100 μ m. The micropore density is adjustable. In order to increase the penetration depth, the same area can be irradiated for 2 ~ 3 rounds. Studies have shown that the penetration depth can reach 150 after 2 ~ 3 rounds of high-energy irradiation μ m。


The wavelength is 1440mm, belonging to non gasifying lattice laser, and the penetration depth can reach 300 μ m。 There were only erythema and edema in the treatment area after operation, which generally subsided within 24 hours.


The effect of dot matrix laser is not long-term. It can usually maintain the effect for about 1 year, and the maintenance time will vary according to individual conditions.

Compared with traditional laser therapy, dot matrix laser is more widely used in clinic; It can be used to treat skin problems such as youth acne marks, small wrinkles, skin aging, chloasma, coffee spots, coarse pores and dull, especially for youth acne marks. Dot matrix laser is more suitable for mild to moderate wrinkles, especially small wrinkles that cannot be eliminated by surgery and soft tissue filling.

However, compared with other laser treatments, the trauma is larger; The recovery period is long, with a scab period of about 1 week; There may be erythema, pigmented changes, infection, scar, acne like rash, miliary rash, contact dermatitis and other risks after operation. Strict attention should be paid to sunscreen after treatment.

Dot matrix laser needs many times of treatment to achieve the ideal effect. Usually 3 ~ 6 times are a course of treatment, with an interval of one month.

Different dot matrix laser instruments have different treatment depths and can remove different acne marks or spots. Do you want to know more about dot matrix laser speckle removal? Please contact meilianworry’s official website customer service.

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