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What is laser removal hair? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

What is laser removal hair?

Smooth, delicate skin is what every woman wants, but many women are naturally hairy, which has a direct impact on the way beauty lovers dress in summer. Therefore, these beauty lovers would like to do laser surgery to achieve the purpose of hair removal, and what is the difference between hair laser removal?

Laser hair removal is through the laser light wave through the skin of the epidermis of the hair follicle irradiation, so that the hair follicle coagulation necrosis, generally after many times of treatment can achieve the effect of hair removal.

Efficacy of laser hair removal:

1, in the process of laser hair removal is not hurt the skin and tissue, basically no side effects on the body, and the subject in the process of hair removal, basically no pain.

  1. Laser hair removal is to destroy the hair follicles by laser irradiation to achieve the purpose of hair removal, so the hair will not grow again after treatment, and the effect of free hair removal can be achieved.

3, laser light pulse technology can adjust and protect the skin epidermis at the same time, but also remove hair, and the skin will become white after treatment.

  1. Surgical laser can quickly and effectively remove hair, speed up the treatment, and basically no occurrence of melanosis after treatment.
  2. Laser epilator can be adapted to a wide range, and can effectively remove excess hair on the face, armpit and limbs.

The above introduction is about lazer hair removal methods. Different hair removal methods are suitable for beauty lovers with different hair severity. Therefore, it is suggested to go to a regular hospital for an interview, and professional doctors can recommend appropriate hair removal methods according to a person’s hair condition. In addition, if hair removal laser is selected, sun protection must be paid attention to after surgery. Hair removal cycle is generally performed once a month. In specific cases, surgery can be performed reasonably according to the doctor’s advice.

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