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What must be known before and after laser hair removal – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

What must be known before and after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an effective way of hair removal, which has been recognized by the public. Laser hair removal uses a high heat laser to break the pigment particles in the body through the skin, and finally achieve the purpose of hair removal. In hot weather, everyone wants to show their beautiful arms and thighs, but if it’s hairy here, it’s ugly. Laser hair removal can solve this problem, so what should we pay attention to in laser hair removal?

What do you need to pay attention to before laser depilation

Before surgery, you should avoid light, especially for people with dark skin color. The operation should not be started until 4 to 6 weeks after using sunscreen. On this basis, people with pigmentation need to add hydroquinone drugs for prevention. In addition, do not use depilatory cream or other cosmetics. Actively communicate with the doctor before operation to reconfirm the location and scope of hair removal. Before the laser, the depilated part should be cleaned and disinfected. Before operation, cold compress at the depilation can effectively reduce the pain. There will be a certain warm feeling when the laser passes through the skin, but anesthesia is generally not required. Except that sensitive people can choose to use some surface anesthetics, anesthetics are generally not required.

What does laser depilation need to pay attention to? Postoperative precautions

On the day after laser hair removal, you can’t take a hot bath. It’s best to take warm water, and don’t use shower gel, so as to avoid scrubbing the hair removal area vigorously, so as to avoid infection. In addition, avoid using all kinds of skin care products within one day after treatment. If there is slight redness, swelling and itching after treatment, this phenomenon will subside soon. If there is pain, it can be relieved by ice compress. Generally, after depilation, the doctor will help you apply cold compress at the depilation place for ten minutes. Then return to the hospital every 20 days to observe the hair removal effect, so as to arrange the next hair removal time. After treatment, follow the doctor’s guidance and apply some sunscreen appropriately. Be sure to pay attention to sunscreen, otherwise the skin is easy to be stimulated and damaged, resulting in pain, dryness and other problems, and eventually there will be scars. After treatment, you can’t eat irritating food and eat more foods rich in vitamins to improve the resistance of the skin.

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