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Why is depilation not clean? Five factors affecting depilation effect – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Why is depilation not clean? Five factors affecting depilation effect

Many people love beauty and feel that their body hair is too heavy, which may affect their personal image, so they will choose different methods for hair removal. However, if depilation is not clean, it may be caused by different hair colors, different hair growth ability, too thick hair, improper use of depilation equipment, lack of doctor experience and other factors.

Depilation is a common cosmetic method. Especially in summer, the legs or arms are often exposed. If the local hair is too heavy, it may affect your personal image, you will choose different methods for depilation. However, some patients may affect the effect of depilation because their personal hair is too thick and hard. Here’s why hair removal is not clean.

1、 Different hair colors will affect the effect of hair removal: in the process of hair removal treatment, most people will choose to use laser for treatment. However, due to the different reactions of different parts of hair follicles to laser, some hair may be difficult to fall off in the process of depilation, which will also affect the therapeutic effect of depilation.

2、 Hair growth ability is different, so the effect of hair removal will also be different: some parts have strong hair growth ability, and laser hair removal can not be treated. After about three times of laser treatment, the ideal hair removal effect can be achieved.

3、 Body hair is thick and thin: because the thickness of human body hair is different, the effect of laser hair removal will be different. For example, for fine hair, the effect of laser depilation is ideal, but for thick and hard hair, depilation is used for treatment, and the treatment effect varies from person to person.

4、 Different hair removal products have different hair removal effects: the hair removal equipment used in different beauty hospitals will be different to some extent. Because the demoulding effect of domestic equipment and imported equipment will be different, it will affect the effect of beauty hair removal.

5、 It is related to the experience of doctors: in the process of hair removal and beauty surgery, the treatment effect of hair removal may be affected due to the lack of experience of doctors. To choose a regular beauty hospital for treatment, if the doctor has rich experience, when depilating, he can better master the way and effect of depilation.

The above introduces the specific factors of unhairing and unclean depilation. If the body hair is too heavy, you can go to a regular beauty hospital for examination, and choose the best treatment method according to the doctor’s advice, which can achieve the ideal hair removal effect. However, if one-time depilation is not clean, beauty treatment can be carried out through two or three depilation treatments. Doctors with rich clinical experience should be able to choose healthy hair removal.