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Will depilation be longer and denser? Do you know some misunderstandings about depilation – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Will depilation be longer and denser? Do you know some misunderstandings about depilation

Core tip: hair, as a necessary tissue of the human body, has a long life, which will also bring some troubles to people. Therefore, there are a variety of hair removal methods on the market. According to their own needs, reasonably choose the hair removal method, and pay attention to the fact that the hair removal can not be directly removed to the end. When the hair is removed, you also need to pay attention to care to prevent the skin from blackening and other precautions. You need to pay attention to it when the hair is removed to avoid useless work.

Hair is indispensable as one of the tissues of the human body, but too strong hair will annoy some women. Therefore, there will be a variety of hair removal artifacts on the market, but no matter what kind of hair removal method, we need to pay attention to the rational use to ensure that the hair is removed and there is no risk to ourselves. The following will explain some common misunderstandings in depilation for reminder.

  1. Take it off to the end. The skin color of different parts is different, the color depth is also different, and the absorption of light energy is also different. The lighter the skin, the less melanin, the less light energy absorbed. It is considered that the use of depilator needs to increase energy in order to depilate better. Vice versa, but not only the depth of hair color affects the choice of energy, but also the differences between skin colors in different parts, such as armpits and bikini areas. Usually, the skin will have some melanin precipitation, which will make the skin darker and easier to absorb light energy. When depilating, you need to reduce energy to avoid redness caused by excessive light energy absorbed by the skin. On the contrary, because the skin color is lighter and the hair color is lighter, the absorption of light energy is relatively small, so it is necessary to increase energy to ensure the hair removal effect.
  2. No nursing. On the one hand, when the skin receives intense pulsed light, the destruction of hair follicle cells may cause a slight inflammatory reaction. The skin tends to dry and tense, and may also produce slight itching. Therefore, you need to use moisturizing cream and body cream when depilating. On the other hand, melanocytes in the skin are easily “activated” by ultraviolet rays in the sun after being irradiated by strong pulsed light, resulting in the return of the depilated parts to black. Although the hair is off, the skin is black. So after depilation, make sunscreen. Autumn and winter wear long sleeved pants, you don’t have to worry about the problem of bad sunscreen after hair loss.
  3. Turn the energy to the maximum. Many girls pay more attention to the energy value of hair remover when choosing household hair remover. They tend to adjust the energy value higher when using it. They hope to reduce the use time and complete hair removal faster. In fact, compared with high-power and high-energy medical equipment. Household hair removal machines generally use relatively low energy value to ensure the safety of products. After all, medical equipment is operated by professionals and can be “tailored to the case” according to everyone’s specific situation. If you blindly pursue high energy when using household hair remover, it is easy to cause skin redness, which is not easy to take.
  4. I didn’t find the right color number. To achieve the desired effect, the key step is to select the appropriate gear to match the skin color. Because the depth of skin color determines the difference of energy selection. Too much energy will easily lead to skin redness, and too little energy will affect the depilation effect.

The above are some misunderstandings about hair removal. If you don’t pay attention to hair removal, you can cause the hair to rebound and grow at any time. Therefore, when depilating, it should be noted that depilation can not be completed at once. It needs to be depilated reasonably according to the skin color of different parts. After depilation, you also need to pay attention to the care of the depilation area to prevent the skin from returning to black after depilation. When using the depilator for depilation, it is also necessary not to blindly pursue quality, turn on large energy and randomly depilate without color number, which may affect the effect of depilation.