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Will freezing point depilation affect perspiration? – HRMORA HIFU Machine Suppliers

Will freezing point depilation affect perspiration?

Freezing point depilation is a depilation method selected by beautiful women in summer. Beauty seekers can quickly achieve safe and lasting depilation effect through freezing point depilation. The effect of freezing point depilation is very good, but before depilation, many beauty seekers worry that freezing point depilation will affect normal sweating. Next, I’ll take you to have a specific understanding.

First, freezing point depilation will not affect normal sweating

Freezing point depilation uses the suitable heat emitted by laser to destroy hair follicles to achieve the effect of freezing point depilation without harming healthy skin. Freezing point depilation is generally performed in a regular hospital with strict surgical operation, which will not damage the human body’s perspiration system, and naturally will not affect the normal perspiration. Freezing point depilation will not affect perspiration, because hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent tissues. Freezing point laser depilation destroys hair follicles and makes hair no longer grow. There are almost no melanocytes in sweat glands, so they will not directly absorb light energy to destroy sweat glands; In addition, there is a certain distance between hair follicles and sweat glands, and the heat of hair follicles will not have any effect on sweat glands.

Second, precautions for hair removal

  1. There are many products to choose for hair removal. We can’t choose blindly, especially the current advertising is dazzling, so when choosing products, we must choose products with strong credibility and formal use.
  2. In addition, depilation is generally impossible to be permanent, but it is suggested that we should not depilate too frequently, which will cause certain damage to our skin and blood vessels, and even some chemicals have side effects, which will affect our health.

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